After Six Years In A Shelter, This Senior Dog Finally Found Her Forever Family

In an emotional celebration complete with red carpet and a crown, the Marion-Grant County Humane Society’s second longest resident finally left the building. Sandi, a 12-year-old pit bull-boxer mix, had been at the shelter for six long years. She was there longer than any employee, but the senior dog’s waiting has finally paid off.
Sandi has been a shelter dog for so long that no one at the Indiana rescue knows much about her history. They think she was found as a stray but had difficulty attracting the right people to take her home. All that changed when the senior dog met Erin and Carrie.
Erin and Carrie have always been big supporters of the shelter. And when their dog passed away, they knew they wanted to adopt a rescue dog. All they had to do was find the perfect match for their family, and Sandi made a big impression. A shelter employee named Christy told CBS News,

“Their dog passed away and Erin kept calling me and she said, ‘I really just can’t keep my  mind off of Sandi.”

Out of all the rescue dogs in their area, Sandi stood out the most.

Sandi has lived at least half her life in a shelter, and the other half is a complete mystery. Old age has slowed her down, but Erin and Carrie knew that her senior status had nothing to do with her ability to love and be part of a family.
When the papers were signed and the big day arrived, shelter staff was ecstatic to see the senior dog walk toward a new life. The shelter usually posts happy adoption news on their Facebook page, but for Sandi, they wanted to make it even more special. They (literally) rolled out the red carpet and gave Sandi a farewell fit for a queen. The happy pup wore a crown and showed off her new leash as she walked outside to greet her new family. The send off was filled with puppy kisses, laughter, and happy tears.

Watch Sandi’s emotional send off below!

Sandi’s story and happy ending is testament to how important no-kill shelters are for rescue animals. Christy said that there was never any doubt that Sandi would always be well taken care of at the shelter. It didn’t matter how long it took, they would do whatever was necessary to give her the best life. In other shelters with limited resources, dogs like Sandi don’t always get this courtesy. That’s why it’s important to support animal shelters in every way we can. We want every dog to have the best chance at adoption.
Living in a home will be an adjustment for the senior dog who has known nothing but the shelter, but Erin and Carrie are prepared to help Sandi in her transition. They want their new dog to spend her golden years knowing she is loved beyond measure.

Sandi now has her own Instagram!

Believe it or not, but Sandi was not the longest resident at Marion-Grant County Humane Society. Babette, pictured below, was surrendered to the shelter a few months before Sandi after she killed a few chickens. She’s waited long enough to find a new home. Spread her story so she can finally have a happy ending.

All images via Facebook/Marion-Grant County Humane Society

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